Two weeks ago we received information regarding Copilot+ PC device announced by several brands such as Asus, Acer, Microsoft and others, it is reported that all these devices will be available for sale in the middle of this month

However, friends, Microsoft, Qualcomm and several other manufacturers seem to be preparing to launch the second wave of Copilot+ devices around August or September 2024 at the latest.

From the leaks revealed WinFuturethe main focus of this second wave of Copilot+ devices is the business segment, because as we know, currently all devices powered by Snapdragon

But later, we’ll see the first Copilot+ devices for commercial customers that will likely arrive in the future form factor The new devices include devices that Qualcomm demonstrated at the Computex 2024 event, where it not only presented laptops, but PCs, Mini PCs and even All-in-one devices.

In other words, the devices that will be introduced later are not just laptops, guys, but other forms such as conventional PCs, Mini PCs and All In One devices which are certainly more comfortable for use in the business sector.

Reportedly, all these new devices will be available as Copilot+ devices and will be powered by the Snapdragon X Series, which of course will be interesting for us to see.

Interesting right? I’m quite curious about what devices will be launched. Let’s wait later guys.

Via: WinFuture

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