Microsoft currently seems to be trying to make their Microsoft Edge browser more responsive, especially for low-end device users.

Regarding this matter, according to post Most recently on the Microsoft Edge blog, developers are trying to make user interaction with the browser faster and more responsive, where users can actually feel the results in Edge 122 which was released on February 23 2024, which brings improved User Interface (UI) performance to the Browser Essentials feature.

Well starting with version 122, the UI has become 42 percent faster for all Edge users and 76 percent faster on devices without an SSD drive or with less than 8 GB RAM. In addition, starting with Edge 124, the “Favorites” menu has undergone an overhaul that provides a 40 percent increase in UI performance and responsiveness.

And it doesn't stop there, Microsoft plans to continue improving browser responsiveness in the coming months thanks to a new internal project they call WebUI 2.0.

What is WebUI 2.0?

WebUI 2.0 is a new markup-first architecture designed to simplify structure source code Microsoft Edge, by minimizing the amount of JavaScript code running during the UI initialization path.

According to Microsoft, Edge makes heavy use of JavaScript to render the browser UI, but the code is not modular enough and many common bundles are shared by different components even though this is not “absolutely necessary”.

The new WebUI 2.0 concept follows a modular approach, and Microsoft uses a repository of web components tailored for performance on modern web engines. Microsoft plans to provide some packages to third-party organizations via open source licensing, however, compatibility with browser engines outside of the Chromium platform (namely Mozilla's Gecko) remains unknown.

The implementation of WebUI 2.0 itself has started with Browser Essentials, and the testing proved that the new architecture can work on a wide range of device types. Developers will then convert more parts of the Edge UI, meaning Edge users will get a faster web browsing experience as WebUI 2.0 development progresses.

Is This Important?

The answer is of course yes, and even though Edge currently has many useless features, with improved browser performance many users will certainly like it, especially users who still use HDDs and RAM under 8 GB because according to Microsoft's claims in version 122 there has been an increase of 76 percent on user interface performance.

But what do you think? Comment below guys and give your opinion.

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