Through Windows 11 version 24H2 which will be launched this year, Microsoft will introduce many AI-based features to the operating system, one of which is Recall, which we may previously know as AI Explorer.

However, apart from Recall, there are quite a lot of other AI features that will be presented in Windows 11 version 24H2 including Windows Studio Effects, Live Captions, Voice Clarity and many others which of course have been revealed in the Insider version that was tested a long time ago. And if you're curious, here are some of the AI ​​features that will be coming to Windows 11 version 24H2

Windows Recall

Windows Recall or Recall is a new feature that functions as a photographic memory that runs in the background by taking snapshots of everything the user does on the device which can then be accessed again should the user need it.

Well Recall itself will store data locally in the new “Windows Semantic Index” and run several AI models on devices that are part of the Windows Copilot Runtime.

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In addition, although there is news that The Recall feature in Windows 11 has been successfully ported to Snapdragon 7c+however, the Recall feature itself will be an exclusive feature for Copilot+ PC users who use a Qualcomm Snapdragon X Series processor with NPU, 16 GB RAM and 256 GB SSD.

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Live Caption With Live Translation

Windows 11 currently has a Live Caption feature, but later in Windows 11 24H2 this feature will be updated with a feature live translation or direct translation.

This feature will be very useful for users who have problems hearing to understand the audio through automatic transcriptions translated.

And as part of AI integration in the operating system, this feature can also translate conversions from video or voice-only calls to the user's native language, including videos that users watch from YouTube or other sources where this feature is technically capable of translating any audio being played. on the device in real-time. Great, right?

For availability, this feature can translate more than 40 languages ​​into English even without an internet connection because it only requires an NPU.

Windows Studio Effects

The Windows Studio Effects (or Studio Effects) feature itself is a combination feature that uses AI to improve video calls and audio quality using the Neural Processing Unit (NPU).

From what is available in Insider, currently there are only four main effects, including automatic framing, background blur, eye contact, voice focus, portrait light, creative filters, and eye contact teleprompter.

So, just like Recall, this feature will probably be an exclusive feature for Copilot+ device users.

Voice Clarity

Voice Clarity in Windows 11 is an AI-powered feature that works to eliminate noise in backgroundcancels echo and reverb when the user is on a call or recording audio.

This feature will be very useful for users who want to press sound disturbance especially in important meetings or communication situations.

Now Voice Clarity itself will automatically be available in supporting applications, which of course requires NPU support.

Auto Super Resolution

Auto Super Resolution (SR) is a feature that functions to increase game resolution and visual quality using AI technology to produce a better experience smooth And frame rates better.

And as previously reported, The Automatic Super Resolution feature will be exclusive to Snapdragon X Elite devices.

Image Creator for Paint

The Paint application is one of the applications that will get AI capabilities, this feature was originally called Cocreator for Paint but recently it was reported that Cocreator Changed Name to Image Creator.

Same as features image generator Otherwise, later you can generate images using the Paint application. I've tried this application and it's quite good too: Hands On CoCreator Features in the Paint Application

Will this feature be exclusive to Copilot+ devices, maybe yes, maybe not, but we'll see.

Copilot on Windows 11

So, even though Copilot has been available on Windows 11 for quite some time, starting in version 24H2, Microsoft will make several changes including Copilot will become a traditional application that users can pin or drop from the Taskbar, users can resize and move it like other applications and Copilot will get changes. appearance.

Apart from that, Copilot in the new Windows 11 will be the same web version as ChatGPT, the function is of course still the same but reportedly users will no longer be able to make system changes directly because the integration has been removed.

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Meanwhile, for system integration, Microsoft will of course present Copilot in Settings, where you can later see it copilot suggestiounces on the settings page.

Apart from that, it's said search form The Settings page will also be powered by Copilot so finding certain information and settings will be faster.

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Restyle Image in the Photos App

Especially for Copilot+ users, Microsoft will add a Restyle Image feature in the Microsoft Photos application, where this feature will allow users to change the style of photos using image generator and photo editing techniques.

And by using this feature, you can later select an image and then change the image to a new style, similar to using filters on a smartphone.

Apart from that, the Photos application will also get an “Image Creator” feature like the Paint application where it will allow users to create images based on text. Now this feature will not be exclusive because it will be processed in the cloud using Copilot and the DALL-E language model.

So, those are some of the features possibility will be present in Windows 11 version 24H2, some of these features have of course been tested since Insider Canary, Dev and Beta, and now appear to be ready to be launched in Windows 11 version 24H2.

However, of course the full experience with AI will be exclusively for Copilot+ users, so if you have more funds and want to try all the features of Windows 11 version 24H2, you have to buy a new device that has been certified as a Copilot+ PC.

Are there any features you missed? Comment below guys.

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