After yesterday Microsoft introduced application support OneNote for Apple Vision Pro devices, they are now starting to roll out support for OneDrive apps, apps cloud storage their mainstay.

With the presence of OneDrive support on the Apple Vision Pro, now Mixed Reality device users can directly access the files they store on it clouds directly without having to go through a browser first.

Now this support is automatically available in the iOS application which you can install on your Apple Vision Pro device. For the download link, you can check the page following.

In theory, apart from being able to run applications made specifically for the Apple Vision Pro, this device can actually also run all iOS applications, but unfortunately several companies have decided not to allow their iOS applications to run on this device. For example, Netflix, Spotify and YouTube.

However, Microsoft has another view by making many of its applications available on the Apple Vision Pro, the reason is of course because so that more users try their applications, especially with Mixed Reality devices they have made no news, thus making this Apple device a one of the best alternatives to Microsoft itself.

Have you tried Apple Vision Pro? Comment below guys.

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