Responding to the case between Apple deactivating Epic Games' developer account, the European Commission plans to carry out further investigations. The European Union has also asked Apple for further explanation regarding its decision.

Reporting from Financial Timesthe investigation carried out by the European Commission was based on the digital market law or Digital Market Acts (DMA), which reportedly will take effect from March 7.

The case between Apple and Epic Games has been heating up over the last few days. After the DMA law required Apple to allow applications to be installed outside the App Store, Epic Games saw the opportunity to return to the iOS platform.

The plan was for Epic Games to re-release the Fortnite game using a developer account in Sweden AB, but Apple suddenly turn off (back) their developer account.

On the other hand, Apple has given reasons behind this action, they said that Epic Games' “untrustworthy” behavior was the motive behind the loss of the Epic Games developer account.

However, it seems that Apple's answer has not satisfied all parties – including the European Commission which is the authority body in the European Union. So it is necessary to carry out a more in-depth investigation.

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