Many people start investing in Antam gold to turn them into long-term savings. This is because gold is an investment tool whose value tends to be stable and resistant to inflation.

Some people intend to sell Antam gold for various reasons. But before doing so You should pay attention when the time is right in order not to lose.

Here we give you how to sell Antam gold and tips to make profit.

Antam Gold Sales Process

Gold is a precious metal that can be used as a long-term investment tool. This is because gold has a constant value but tends to increase from time to time. Some people when they have enough gold savings. There will be an intention to resell for some reason or time to sell it. Therefore, it is necessary to know what the terms and procedures are in order not to get confused.

when you want to do buy back Antam gold bar has several conditions that must be met before doing it.

Here are the requirements for selling Antam gold:

  • Original National Identity Card (KTP)
  • Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP)
  • Authentic Antam Gold Purchase Receipt and Receipt
  • real gold photo (If selling other than Marketplace program)
  • account number

These are the requirements that must be met if you want to sell General Antam Gold Bars, be it at the boutiques, Antam Central Market, etc. If you go through Antam Boutique, register on the official website. Then wait for the data verification process and use the queue number.

How to Sell Antam’s Gold

Want to sell Antam’s gold but don’t know where to sell it? Here are some safe and reliable places.

1. Sell Antam at Antam Boutique

Selling at Antam’s Boutique is one of the safest. Especially since the store has spread to almost every region in Indonesia that it serves. buy backThe trick is to prepare files such as your NPWP identity card, original gold certificate, account number, and a photo of the real gold. After that, register yourself on the official website. precious metal then take the queue number

All files will be sent by email. So you don’t need to go to Antam Boutique branch to get the queue number. Subsequently, the proceeds from the sale will be credited to the account number. If you encounter problems and are unable to come to the store on time Please register again for the next week’s deadline.

So is the boutique. where to buy antam gold It’s the safest because it’s an official store.

2. Sell ants in the market

Investing in gold is not only done in physical form. but can also be purchased at almost any price The system is like saving. Therefore, it can be withdrawn at any time when the desired price is reached. Trusted precious metals exchanges include Shopee and Tokopedia.

How to sell Antam gold online at Shopee is to go to Credit, Bills and Entertainment menu. Then select the Gold menu (if not available, search for ‘Gold Savings’ in the tab). search). Then you need to determine how many grams of precious metal you want to sell. Fill in your personal information and account number. Click confirm and finish. The money will be paid to the destination account. (Process takes 1 x 24 business hours)

If you want to do it through Tokopedia, go to the main page and select the gold sale menu. Set the number of grams you want to sell, click Pay, then SMS Verification to receive an OTP through your active mobile number. Then after entering the OTP, select Sell Gold, the funds will be sent to your Tokopedia balance.

3. Sell Antam at a Pawnshop

Pegadaian is a place where you can trade gold. Especially the regular Antam type. At the pawnshop you can save precious metals. Any quantity can be printed if the weight reaches (grams) starting from 1 gram.

Antam’s method of selling gold at Pegadaian is also simple. Go to the nearest Pegadaian branch office while holding a file in the form of an identity card and a certificate of ownership of precious metals. After that, the staff will verify the information. If approved Antam is successfully sold, money will be sent in cash.

4.Selling antums at gold shops

Another option to sell Antam gold bullion is to go directly to a gold shop. This is the last resort. Especially if there is no Antam Boutique in your area. Bring the real form with the certificate and official receipt of purchase. then make a transaction

Why is selling Antam at the Gold Shop a last resort? This is because the procedure tends to be more complicated. even the price buy backIt’s also lower compared to other official stores, especially if you do. precious metal jewelry investment The price must have dropped too much compared to when you first bought it.

5. Sell Antam at Antam Headquarters

Gold sales can be made through Antam’s head office located at Jalan TB Simatupang in South Jakarta. through the head office Get the highest price because of the value. buy backhigher than boutiques and other shops

not only that Transactions at the headquarter of the Antam manufacturer also guarantee safety and convenience. Want to try? buy back there?

6. Sell Antam to Islamic Banks

Almost all Islamic banks now offer Antam precious metals trading, making it an option if you want to do it anytime. Buy back. Islamic Bank offers its customers competitive prices if they want to buy or sell Antam gold. Security is guaranteed. feel free to do

Antam Gold Selling Strategy For Profit

profit first buy back Antam gold requires strategy, so you can’t do it recklessly. especially If you don’t see the right time Use the following strategies to avoid losing.

1. Follow the gold price regularly.

Antam’s way of selling gold for profit is to constantly track the price. There are times when the price of precious metals can go up or down. Because it can’t always be predicted.

The secret to profit is to sell Antam when the price goes up or at least higher than when you first bought it. That way, you won’t lose because the price goes up.

2. Pay attention to the time gap between buying and selling.

Antam’s gold selling strategy by consistently tracking the price is not enough. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the time interval between buying and selling. As we all know gold is a long term investment, for example disbursed within a year or less. Of course, it still doesn’t work. You can say that the benefits are slim and not felt at all.

Therefore, you should invest in these precious metals at least five years before. The result is obvious because the value will increase from time to time. If the value decreases, it usually doesn’t fall too much.

3.Selling in government offices

Payment of Antam gold bullion in cash should be done in government places like Antam Boutique, Antam Headquarters, Pegadaian, Banks, Trusted Market, Gallery 24 etc. Because in this way you can get buy back with higher value

4. Compare prices between stores

Still not sure where to turn gold into money? Take a survey between locations first to get the best deals. The journey from one place to another is often valuable. buy back They are different, so use these tips to avoid losses.

Do you understand Antam’s gold selling method and profitable strategy? I hope this helps!

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