There are many types of investors around us. And they stand out from the investment strategies they use. one of them is sleepy investors That can be called the most relaxed investor but can make a lot of money. Perhaps this type of investment will match your personality and expectations. Let’s understand more about this type of investor and what the advantages are.

The definition of a sleepy investor

sleepy investors is someone who can make huge profits from their investment without much effort. These types of investors tend to focus on long-term investments. It’s not just investors who take advantage of short-term market price fluctuations. This job is easy as this type of investor is always relaxed. But it takes the right strategy to keep the money flowing.

From the name alone, you can guess that this type of investor doesn’t need to be overworked. in fact They tend to remain silent without needing to monitor daily market price movements. nevertheless Such investors can earn a lot of cash in a long time.

One example of an investor using this type of investment principle is Lo Kheng Hong. Lo Kheng Hong is known as one of the successful investors in Indonesia. Use relaxed investment principles He started investing in 1996 and by 2012 his assets reached Rp 2.5 million.


Silent investment techniques This and do not overdo it, it will bring many benefits. Here are some benefits that can be gained from being sleepy investors:

1. Save time

This type of investment technique is considered effective in saving investors time. This saves time because investors don’t always have to see daily price movements. Don’t waste time looking after your investment. But it can be used for other activities. Owned assets or tools are allowed to work to play money without the hassle to make the time spent more efficient.

2. Do not be active in the capital market

This type of investor can be comfortable because they do not have to move in the capital market. The investment process is not always influenced by market price fluctuations. So they are quite relaxed and it doesn’t matter if they don’t move in the capital market or not.

3. Get passive income

This type of investment will help you earn. passive income. Feel really passive income because you don’t need to work at all. You don’t have to try to earn anything. Especially if investing for a long time will feel profit for sure Because the money will work for us and we can be comfortable.

4. Avoid stress and depression.

It turns out that investors using this type of investing style can avoid stress and depression. Did you know that investing sometimes makes people feel depressed? The need for more money often stresses investors. Not to mention whether the market price is moderate or not. crash. This condition will not be touched by sleepy investors Because they tend to relax and let the market price move as needed.

5. Feel safe when investing

Investor tips like these will feel safer when investing. It is safe because it uses a long-term investment and is not affected by market price fluctuations easily. Therefore, it is much more relaxed and safer without the need to panic and monitor the prices of assets circulating in the capital markets.

how to be sleep investors

Interested in following this investment strategy? It’s actually not hard to use this relaxed but profitable investing technique. Investors can use the following strategies:

1. Collect investments

The first step is to collect your investments. The same principle applies to business. Must have capital to play in the investment world The accumulated funds are used to purchase assets or investment instruments. Forms may vary and distribution is highly recommended.

Does this form of investment require a large amount of capital? The answer is not necessary! Many people start this form of investment with little capital. Just adjust to your abilities. If it’s hard to spend a lot of money It’s better to spend less money first. As long as it is consistent and can be collected

2. Find the right property

Next, please choose the most suitable investment asset. Today, there are many different types of investment tools or assets on offer. Try to find out which option best suits your risk profile. and can achieve the goal of being a relaxed investor without being active in the capital market. In considering the selection of this asset class You should be careful and look for references as much as possible.

Find out which assets are suitable for long-term and stable investments. passive income. If you already have multiple assets But one of them felt it had less potential. So let it go. Pick the right assets, like stocks and bond mutual funds. But it must be adapted to individual financial conditions and goals.

3. Focus on long-term goals

If you want to use this investment technique You should focus on long-term goals. This investment is more suitable for long-term investors. Don’t focus on short-term goals by focusing on fast cash flow, so refocus yourself on goals or long-term goals. Do not rush to achieve it and let it flow freely.

4. Don’t be influenced by simple trends.

Lo Kheng Hong wouldn’t be able to be a successful investor today if he was easily influenced by trends. The trends in the investment world will continue to change. It may be a period of time when some investment assets rise rapidly and gain a lot of attention from investors. However, this is not a guarantee that the prices of these assets will continue to rise and can bring in large sums of money. a lot

Focus on your goals and risk profile. Don’t be fooled by simple trends. Until you use a large amount of capital to pursue it, it’s easy to follow the principles that apply to this investing technique. You should not be attracted by the profitable success of other investors. Just focus on yourself.

5. Perform fundamental analysis

in this investment principle Fundamental analysis is very important. sleepy investors Must understand the potential of the assets he will invest in the future. That is why fundamental analysis is an important point to consider carefully. If fundamental analysis is correct It will be easier to acquire stable assets that can generate long-term income.

become sleepy investors It will provide many financial benefits and conveniences for you in the future. It has to start as quickly as possible and it can’t make a lot of money right away. In fact, there will be many challenges in achieving this type of investment strategy. This type of investment strategy can certainly generate a lot of cash.

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