After last week we get games Dragon Age Inquisition GOTY Edition which I think is quite fun to play, well this week there is another game that Epic Games is also sharing, guys, namely Farming Simulator 22.

This game was developed by GIANTS Software and in this game we can do many things related to agriculture, from planting, harvesting crops to managing and caring for animals and much more.

So, you can now claim this game, which is suitable for playing in your leisure time, for free until May 30 2024. If you miss it, you will of course have to spend IDR 341,000, which is not bad.

This game itself supports cooperative multiplayer and you can play it with your friends, guys. And here it is minimum requirements from Farming Simulator 22.

So, hurry up and claim it before you miss it, guys, you can claim it directly on the page following.

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